Possibility of use

Nicolosi Trasporti s.r.l.
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Possibility of use

Use of your trailer across Europe

The  Nicolosi Trasporti s.r.l. offers you a partnership in road transport in Europe, as well as the traction of our trailers or our container, in combined transport.
So that you too can become a partner of Nicolosi Trasporti s.r.l.  vehicles must comply with the following assumptions:

  • Drive with Euro 5/6 engine or LNG engine
  • Standard Trailer (L / W / H): min. 13,60 m / 2,45 m / 2,60 m
  • mega trailer (L / W / H): min. 13,60 m / 2,45 m / 3,00 m
  • min. 33 euro pallets and load capacity 25 t
  • electronic GPS positioning system on the truck or trailer

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