Green Transport

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Green Transport

Sustainability and environmental protection are part of our company policy, in economics  and of course also in the transport sector. The Nicolosi Trasport s.r.l. these issues are experienced as core values ​​for decades.
With a CO2 reduction of over 25,700 tons per year, the Nicolosi Transport s.r.l. is today counts among the leading companies in Europe for green transport solutions.
We take a massive use of carriers with eco-friendly vehicles (EURO 5/6) or LNG, continued investment in the most modern means of combined transport.
We plan the expansion of our network of intermodal road-rail and "road-sea" as green transport solutions.
Optimization of transport planning with the further reduction of empty kilometers (philosophy of’ "round trip").
The Nicolosi Trasport s.r.l. is a partner to 98% of SoleNico spa that produces energy from renewable sources by the installation of photovoltaic panels, reducing the energy demand from fossil fuels and offsetting CO2 emissions.

We purchased 77 LNG-powered road tractors transforming our fleet into zero emission vehicles.


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