La Società
The Nicolosi Transport is a company founded in 1962 as a sole proprietorship, thanks to the ideas and will of his founder: Sebastiano Nicolosi, who has created from scratch a company leader in the national and international transport with trailers to controlled temperature and does not.

The headquarters is located in Catania close to the main roads, highways, near the port and airport. The Nicolosi transport prides itself on being one of the first companies to have made use of ships to complement road transport, the use of ships allows us to comply with the new regulations of the Highway Code which regulate the road transport and to be on time with our customers.

We have an area of over 100,000 square meters for parking our means and an internal workshop for their daily maintenance, in addition to wash the internal / external assuring total efficiency in compliance with the regulations in terms of health and hygiene. For storing goods, we have covered warehouses of 14500 square meters, 6000 square meters for fashion and a temperature-controlled warehouse of 3600 square meters. Moreover, we have offices located in strategic points for us as Carini (Pa) with two warehouses, one of 2,800 square meters. where transit stop and goods for distribution and one of 2,000 sqm. used only for fashion, Naples, Anagni (Fr), Parma, Genoa harbor port of Ravenna and Malta.

The company is distinguished by punctuality and efficiency and may present as qualified to meet your needs because it can boast experience, equipment and human resources.

The company has , over their Entry Roll of conveyors , also in the National Register of Environmental Managers recently acquired.

Since June 2015, our headquarters is self-sufficient in the supply of electricity through a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building